Tax Reform

We support those who stand for limited taxes and conservative spending. Citizens are being over taxed and the government is using that money to spend excessively and dig us even deeper into debt. In order for businesses to expand and the economy to grow, we need to lower tax rates to a competitive level. We believe that money is best spent by the people that earned it, not by the government. Lower taxes create an incentive for people to work hard for their money, save it, invest it, and use it to begin their own entrepreneurial endeavors and boost the economy.

Responsible Government

We support candidates whose mission it is to limit government and put small government and individual liberty at the forefront of their agenda. The federal government was created by the people, and for the people, not by a large, powerful group of career politicians who allow their greed and petty politics get in the way of making meaningful change for the citizens they represent.


We believe that elected officials should support young people first and foremost by promoting their schools and protecting their school’s budgets. Nothing is more important than our children’s education, so top quality infrastructure and technology is a must. The current public school system is over-spending and under-performing our state’s children. Students and their parents should have a choice about the school they attend. This choice would encourage better performance of all schools so that all children, no matter what socio-economic background, have the same opportunities to succeed!


We believe in a competitive capitalism, free market system that supports small businesses and private enterprises. This economic system creates the greatest opportunity for all and promotes the highest standard of living. A free market economy creates more jobs and more money flowing through the economy. Small businesses and private enterprises shouldn’t be burdened by excessive government regulations, but instead encouraged to flourish and grow to their highest potential.